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A RELAY throw is needed when one fielder cannot throw the ball accurately and quickly from her position to the final target. The shortstop is the relay for balls hit to left and left-center field, and the second base person is the relay for balls hit to right-center and right field. The relay needs to position herself in a direct line from the fielder to the target.

The relay starts with a strong accurate throw from the outfielder.  "HIT THE RELAY."
The outfielder should try to throw the ball to the relay persons glove, about head high.
  The relay person makes a big target with both arms in the air and calls for the ball.
  Stand at a 45 degree angle to the glove side.   (see the diagram)
    The third base person will call where the next throw is to go. She must make a loud,
       clear call, in time for the relay person to react. The call should be made right after the
          outfielder releases her throw to the relay person.     
            Pivot towards glove and throw.  Quickly relay the ball to the next target.
OF -----------------------------------    \  -----------------------------------   Next target

A CUTOFF serves two purposes:

Provides a target for the thrower.
Prevents another runner from advancing by intercepting (cutting off) the throw.

The cutoff is handled by the Pitcher, or 1B/3B, depending on where the throw is from.
The cutoff starts with a strong, accurate throw.   "HIT THE CUTOFF."
  Line up on a straight line between the thrower and the target.
  Make a big target for the thrower with both arms in the air.
    The catcher will call "CUT" if the ball is to be cut and held. She will call "CUT BASE"
       if the cutoff person is to throw to a base after the cutoff.
         Cut the ball only if you hear "CUT."
           Catch the ball in position to throw it quickly to a base.
             Quickly throw the ball to the proper base.
               Cut any throw that is off target.
                  Fake a catch if not cutting off in order to hold the base runners.

In all situations, keep each base covered where there is a chance of making a play. Infielders should station themselves inside a base while watching the runners tag the base in making the turn. Being inside the base has a tendency to make the runner take a wider turn at the base, thus increasing the distance she travels to the next base. Exercise caution so as not to interfere with the runner by being to close to the base.

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